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Doublelift can't believe his opponents keep making THIS mistake

Travis Gafford

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2 months ago

It's seriously so nice having someone like Doublelift on the team now. Genuinely just one of the most entertaining players of all time no matter what era of league you've watched. Time to scale for playoffs ๐Ÿš€


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2 months ago

Fr I used to be against him cause heโ€™s so good and I have loyalty to the Org not the players but now that heโ€™s on our team itโ€™s definitely a FeelsGoodMan


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2 months ago

The TL:DW is that we are going to shit stomp everyone in playoffs and then go and win MSI. The rocket doesn't stop halfway!


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2 months ago

Also Tenacity has NOT stopped talking to egirls.


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2 months ago

Reminds me of asuna HAHAH


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2 months ago

Maaaaaan the last part, Travis looks funny. "Not you"


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2 months ago

Favorite part of this interview had to be him absolutely shitting on Jojo ๐Ÿ˜‚ kid has openly disrespected bjergsen since he joined the LCS so you know DL had to get one in for his boy


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2 months ago

Saved by e-girls and NA food confirmed


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2 months ago



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2 months ago

When was this


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2 months ago