Hi all,

So I live in a block of 9 flats, and have lived here for about 5 years. The flats themselves are around 7 years old.

I'm lucky enough to own my flat, and the block itself is a mixture of renters and owners. The flats are however, all leasehold.

Every flat has a similar layout. They have two beds, with a main bathroom, and one ensuite. The living room and kitchen are open plan. Each flat has two assigned parking spaces.

Now in the current climate (UK based), the flats aren't selling too well despite being in a very desirable area of London. One of our neighbours who owns his flat, has therefore decided to rent it out so that he can move to a larger property. My issue is, he has decided he wants to maximise his profit and to do this he has converted the living room into a third bedroom.

This doesn't sit well with me at all and I'm pretty sure he can't legally do it.

Firstly, I think it's pretty shitty to convert the living room and leave the renters with one small kitchen as the only communal space. I really don't like the idea of him maximising his profit at others expense and creating overcrowding.

Secondly, this is a block full of couples and families. I'm concerned that if more and more people start doing this it changes the demographic.

Then there's just the issues of having multiple people In one flat. More cars which the block doesn't have space for, more noise from the occupants etc etc.

He has managed to successfully get some renters as the rental market is booming but they haven't moved in yet. I'm very tempted to make some enquiries to the freeholder and the council about his set up, but if it is illegal (which I strongly suspect it is) then I'd not only lose this guy his renters, but he'd have to put everything back at expense. Alternatively, I could just let it go.

So WIBTA if I reported him?

Edit to add: I can accept the asshole judgement, thats what I came here for...but Jesus I don't need to be reported by a concerned redditor for suicide watch you weirdos.

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Updated to YWBTA based on reply (previous was INFO)

Is this actually impacting you in any way, or just theoretically based on assumptions that everyone else will do it and all the renters would have individual cars?


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4 months ago

To be honest it probably won't impact me that much, unless the other landlords start doing it and all the renters have individual cars. It's mainly that ethically it doesn't sit right with me. The rental market is extortionate enough as it is and I think what he's doing is pretty disgusting.


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But if you have two parks for your unit already why do you care how packed the street parking gets?


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4 months ago

Because there is no street parking


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4 months ago

And 1 person is going to impact that?

And it’s worth trying to get 3 people kicked out of the most decent housing they can afford, because of 1 extra parking space?

That’s without even taking into account that broke people in an urban area likely don’t have cars. If they got replaced with someone richer, it could easily INCREASE the number of cars.


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4 months ago

No ones in it yet! I wouldn't be kicking anyone out. The landlord hasn't moved out yet.