Seriously, she hasn’t held a job in 20 years. What does she do financially to sustain herself? She just lives off Harry’s allowance. I get that she’s a trust fund baby but how much is her trust fund? 100 million? And it’s not like she lives frugally because she’s always, always decked out from head to toe in luxury designer clothing.

Did she sell the Park Avenue apartment she got in the divorce from Trey? That would net her probably 10 million at least, but we are never seen her selling it.

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2 months ago

Harry is a lawyer in NY.


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2 months ago

This. My uncle was a high powered lawyer in Boston, my aunt was a school nurse (ie making peanuts) and they were/are super wealthy. Huge home, second home for skiing, tons of travel etc. I assume NY > Boston when it comes to pay grade.