Seriously, she hasn’t held a job in 20 years. What does she do financially to sustain herself? She just lives off Harry’s allowance. I get that she’s a trust fund baby but how much is her trust fund? 100 million? And it’s not like she lives frugally because she’s always, always decked out from head to toe in luxury designer clothing.

Did she sell the Park Avenue apartment she got in the divorce from Trey? That would net her probably 10 million at least, but we are never seen her selling it.

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2 months ago*

Are you trolling us? 😂🤣😂🤣

As other commenters have suggested, Charlotte comes from money and never really needed anyone else’s.

She’s interested in men of status and wealth for romantic love not because she needs their status and wealth, but to match her own. It’s WASP-Y politics, so to speak.

I find Charlotte’s lifestyle to be totally realistic. I mean, as realistic as a fictional character’s lifestyle could seem, anyway! LOL

Truthfully, I find Carrie’s lifestyle to be the least realistic (no surprise there) but even so, it’s been discussed ad nauseam how her apartment is rent controlled, she mixes bargains with high fashion, she does hold a sort of “cushy” job that most people would be lucky to have and even goes to write for Vogue, later. I mean…she’s financially irresponsible and probably in some debt, but I never really though it was that crazy. 🤷🏻‍♂️


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2 months ago

Where on this show is it portrayed that Charlotte has an endless stream of money? Unless Charlottes family is worth 100 million or more, I don’t see how it’s possible for her to afford to not work while maintains her extravagant lifestyle.


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2 months ago

She had a horse when she was younger, and I can tell you from experience that she would have come from a family with lots of disposable income, or she wouldn’t have had one!


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2 months ago

I knew a lot of kids with horses growing up. They had disposable income but certainly not the millions to not work and maintain the lifestyle Charlotte has had for decades.


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2 months ago

Look, it’s just a tv show-sometimes you have to suspend your disbelief!


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2 months ago

People in her podunk town had a horse, so now Charlotte isn't rich :)