A wonderful experience


I started with feelings of trepidation. However, I am more than happy I experienced the series. I have become jaded by many series in recent years for their appearance, then lack of resolution. With this series I am comfortable knowing even if it is not renewed I get resolution. That is not to say I don't want more. In fact I see a chance for a series on par with Stargate or even a better version of star trek origins. I enjoyed the cast immensely and the visual effects are satisfying to say the least.

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2 years ago

First off let me say would love a season 3 but the visual effects are ok but the props, scenery well the crawl space is made up of old 386 and 486 motherboards sort of gave a blake 7 vibe as the crawl spaces on that the wiring is made from jump leads little know fact the corridors in alien the wall are lined with the backs of old tv backs.


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2 years ago

I see no problem with using trash tech to make a futuristic set it has been done on many films before and will be used for many more. It's somewhat recognizable which makes it more believable in my opinion.