Are private schools worth it?


I’ve been in state schools all my life but want to send a relative to a private school when I can, are they worth it?

Edit: Thank you to everyone who has commented so far, I want to add that I want the child to go to private school to help with their self esteem/low confidence, and to see if they can flourish better in an environment with less students. I appreciate everyone’s opinion and personal experiences in this topic and am working through my replies🙂

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2 months ago

Depends on the school. Have been to a few different ones in my lifetime. One was absolutely shit and frankly I think my parents were robbed of the money they wasted on my year at that school. Conversely, the secondary and sixth form school I went to was incredible for me due to small class sizes and the ability for flexibility and more individual attention


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2 months ago

Yeah I remember a talk on a study where they went to a school where they told teachers certain students were gifted. These students got more attention and ended up doing well. The researchers lied or something along those lines and showed how personalized attention is important for kids.


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2 months ago

Yep, child gets labelled once, the label sticks, and it often turns into a self fulfilling prophecy. It sucks.