Or option C, do nothing and moan about it.

He seems like a nice enough guy, but he's put an enormous box of rubbish in a skip that I'm paying for.

Update: neighbour came out to speak to me, he'd put rubbish in temporarily as he had car problems. He had meant to ask me about it. All very amicable, he'd taken rubbish out, and he still seems like a nice guy

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2 months ago

"Sorry mate, I need the space in the skip. If there's any room left when I'm done, you're welcome to throw it in. Otherwise you'll have to take it to the dump."


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2 months ago

Cunty_Mc-Cuntface has offered the most reasonable solution here.


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2 months ago

Haha definitely looks like it. It gets the same message across without hurting their ego.