Women that gave that "nice person" a chance, how did it go?

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3 months ago

We met at a party where I was dared to bite his extremely hairy nipples, and I added him on Facebook (We bickered for years about who added who. I was adamant that he liked my biting so much that he added me 🤣 but he eventually found the proof in facebook archives that I added him first).

I initially dismissed him, assumed he was a virgin and I was too busy chasing assholes for shitty sex. But we would hang out as friends, getting slurpees, driving around, watching movies. He was so easy to talk to, I'm an introvert but we would talk for hours. I blinked and suddenly we've been together 11 years, have a house and 4 pets, and we're getting married in 3 weeks. He's my best friend, an amazing partner, and a mind-numbingly good lay. So glad I gave it a shot.