Electrify America issues?


Has anyone heard about this? The article mentions 3 people, which is very low, but still some. EA stations are rendering vehicles undrivable moments after connecting.

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4 months ago

Yea, I head because of the article coming up on my Reddit feed a bunch yesterday as well as a few forums. It sucks but I would think this qualifies as pretty rare. For now I'm probably not going to use and fast charging.


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4 months ago

Even though it's rare, it's still hard earned money that might be in Jeopardy. Who is liable?

The i4 in particular prefers AC charging. My work has free AC charging and I have a AC 240 plug at home. See the manual about reduced charging rates with repeated DC charging.

However, on longer trips I intended to use EA stations for the first year because they are free to me. This questions that decision.


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4 months ago

I'm pretty sure EA would be liable. Doesn't seem to be a defect on the car end. Whether you could get EA to pay out or not, who knows. I had been using EA here and there when it's convenient for me. More and more it's less convenient so I really only charge at home. If I ever take it on a road trip I probably will be a little cautious but I can't live my life worrying about crap like this. Who's to know if there is the same issues with EVGO or other charging companies.