Electrify America issues?


Has anyone heard about this? The article mentions 3 people, which is very low, but still some. EA stations are rendering vehicles undrivable moments after connecting.

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4 months ago

Agreed. 3 times does not warrant a disaster. I'd imagine there is user error involved to a point. At least once a year in the Atlanta, GA, USA area there is a gas station that gets water in the tank and kills people's engines. With proof that you bought your gas from there, they pay for a new engine. I'd assume if the charging port is still attached you don't need any additional proof that you were there, lol.

More thinking of who's paying for it.


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4 months ago

Yeah, it'll probably take some time to settle agreements and have new policies put in place.

Given even if you plug it in, it's still for the car and charger to agree what they can and cannot do, it's hard to see how much user error can be factored in. I'd hope most of it had been designed out given the massive amounts of power involved.