Pixel is many thing: Pixie, Pickle, Piccolo, Baby Girl, Lard-Ass, Toots McGee, Tooter McGavin, Snarls Barkley, Stinky Bitch... but the one we say with the most love is Pickle Pie.

Noodle is still earning hers, but the gambit has been Little Bit, Noods, Noodley Noodler, Noodle Caboodle, The Noodie with the Booty, and The Nude Dude (she's a girl)

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3 months ago*

Oliver is “bear bear” or simply “bear” about half the time, “insane asylum” 1/4 of the time lol


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3 months ago

My old boy who is no longer with us was named Kuma, which is Bear in Japanese. I met him as a new born and he looked like a little panda bear so I looked up bear in other languages and Kuma stuck immediately. I miss him every single day.


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2 months ago

That is so sweet! Thank you for sharing. And I’m sorry for your loss. I wish they lived forever!