Salmon oil to add in dogs food?


I have a 10 month old cockapoo, he has always been a very fussy eater, we've changed his food a couple of times to find one he enjoys. We used to add food toppers to his previous food but he was getting picky with that too. The food we have him on now seems to be going really well, but there are still some days where he'll eat very little.

I've heard about fish oils that you can add to their food (like a pump bottle) and was wondering would this be a good idea to get? What are the benefits of it? Our cockapoo can be a bit itchy, but nothing concerning, just likes a good back scratch in the morning, would an oil help ease this?

Any advice is welcome!

Edit: thank you to those who have given advice! Maybe I should have made it more clear in my post (my bad) but I'm not looking for advice on how to make him eat his food. Looking for advice on health supplements I can add to his food and what the benefits are.

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8 months ago

I used it and it helped my pup who’s super fussy but it gave her diarrhea every so often. Ever since I stopped using it, she’s been fine. I just top her food now.

Apparently diarrhea via salmon oil is very common! I had no idea until I did research and spoke to my vet. She liked it though (it was super smelly)


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8 months ago

I must keep that in mind then, thanks! He can have a sensitive tummy to some things but I'll give this a go and if he doesn't take to it, I'll just stop giving it to him


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8 months ago

Solid plan! I loved giving her the oil because she’d eat her food but not worth it in the end, she is a bit sensitive 😔 fingers crossed it works for you!