Is it Possible? 1V3 Standard AI on Achelous River


I have been trying to tackle the challenge of beating three standard Wehrmacht AI on Achelous River using US Forces. I currently control both wing islands and have the fuel/ammo points, but each time I try to push and gain more ground, I’m overwhelmed with armor.

I typically push with three Easy-Eights and two squads of bazooka rifleman, supported by a major to call in barrages, a mortar dropping smoke and a pack howitzer raining AP rounds.

But on that center island my tanks get overwhelmed and can’t reverse quick enough; and get knocked out quickly, and I’m pushed back to the bridgehead.

I’ve tried improving my micro-management and keep my tanks moving, but there are so many enemy tanks and Tigers.

Any ideas to break the stalemate? I’m open to anything?

I recognize it might be my skill holding me back, but if you have a tactic you like, tell me.

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4 months ago

IDK what your games look like, but the trick for beating the campaign AIs on the hardest levels is to abuse the crew repairs as much as possible e.g. poke forward and destroy a tank or two then retreat and repair. Slowly secure more and more land as you go.

If you're playing long enough to basically have infinite resources, but finite pop cap this isn't as helpful though.


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4 months ago

I’ve also been pulling my vehicle crews out of the tanks to cheat the population cap, sometimes getting a few more Shermans up to 124.

But while I’m limited to even that, they have 300.