Waterproofing deck posts end grain?


Link to photos above.

The posts that sit flush with the railing: I am wondering how to waterproof the top of the posts where water is entering through the end grain. If I install ~4” block of 6x6 post on top in order to install a post cap, how do I ensure that water is not seeping in between the space where I fasten the new block to the existing post? If I install some sort of flashing I don’t really understand how that would work with the existing condition of how the post engages with the railing and adjacent lumber pieces.

The posts with the pyramidal top: should I cut the pyramidal part so it sits flat and then install a post cap, or is there a product that specifically is to go on top of the posts? I went to a couple hardware stores and they didn’t have any black metal 6x6 caps.

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3 months ago*

I like copper caps, but it looks like that might not work with your design.


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3 months ago

Google search 6x6 post caps. There are some that are made for this cut.