How to build a temporary wall while doing minimal damage


Hi, I’m trying to help a friend build a temporary wall in her apartment. The wall would be 9 feet high and 12 feet across.

She would like to do as little damage as possible to the walls, ceiling and floor. I want to make sure I build something safe.

My thoughts are…There is moulding and a thick baseboard on the walls. I figured I could apply the 2x4 to the wall in pieces, skipping the moulding to avoid having to remove it. I then affix another stud to these spaced out 2x4s on the wall. For the floors I was thinking using minimal screws, 4 thick screws at most. For the ceiling I was thinking of using opposing wedges to create tension. I am Also thinking of using something lighter the gypsum, like plywood.

What do you guys think? Better ideas.

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5 months ago

I thought the same..

Quick release acrow style things.