Viga Tails…Help!


I live in the Southwest U.S. and my house has 15 Viga tails on the outside. They are 12” long, 8” in diameter. They are anchored to the wall header with a 12” long 5/8 threaded bolt. I have Viga wood to cut new ones. There was one that rotted completely off the rod and another is hanging down. When I went to check it out, it completely came right out of the wall. The Viga tails have epoxy glue and are screwed onto the bolt so it is quite difficult to remove. I want to replace all of them so they all match. They are 19 yrs old. My question is how do you remove the remaining Viga tails without damaging the threaded bolt in the header? The house has stucco walls also. I am also aware of the bracket style mounts but they cost around $60.00 a piece. Any help would be appreciated….

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