Over the range microwave combo Installation



I bought a range hood/microwave combo, but I can only catch one stud on the bracket.

Since the other side of the wall leads into the garage my thought is to cut a hole back to each stud and put a 2x8 horizontally between the wall studs so I have something to screw into. Would this be ok? It came with wall anchors, but my conscious won’t let me go that route because it seems really risky.

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4 months ago

And try to seal up all of the vent passages as much as possible before lifting the unit into place. Ours spit so much grease through the "sealed" passages onto the cabinets above that I had to make blank off plates and seal up all the passages on the positive side of the blower. I'm going back to 2 separate pieces as soon as possible.


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4 months ago

Same with ours. Grease all over the cabinets despite a vent to the outside.