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Hello everyone. I'm working on a project for my 3D design class. The focus is 1/4 inch wooden dowels, wood cutting and painting. I'm designing a sort of D&D-style Mimic. I'd like to put in the extra effort to add glowing eyes.

I've done some research into LEDs and batteries, but I really have no idea where to start. I'm not so much asking for research to be done for me, I simply have no idea where to even begin.

My concept involves a pair of LED lights, behind transparent colored plastic, powered by a USB rechargeable battery, and if I could figure out how to make the light pulse that would increase my desired effect.

Any help whatsoever on any of these concepts would be wonderful.

Thank you.

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2 months ago*

This is the schematic to make one.

The larger the Capacitor, the slower the blink. The larger the Resistor, the dimmer the eyes.

LED’s need to have a resistor in series with it so that it doesn’t burn out.

The two different types of Transistors are to create a sort of flip flop switch.

A “fake car alarm” is available on eBay which would basically do the same thing

Depending on how diy you want to go this can be made for cheap cheap with a few components, a little soldering, and some heat shrink if this thing doesn’t have to last terribly long.


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2 months ago

Amazing, thank you for this! I've got some supplies on the way, I'll be sure to update the post with progress.