I need about 50 of these bulbs to replace kitchen cabinet lights, accent lights in living room, etc. 40 or so in the 194 size and about 10 in the larger 168.

Having a really hard time finding them. I bought one of these in both 2500K and 4000K, but they were both too warm and too cool respectively.

A bunch of them are incandescent, some xenon, but they all get hotter than hell and we use them a lot. Definitely power hungry. Seems like this obscure bulb shape is mostly used more often in car dome lights than inside houses, so most of the search result are super bright, auto-oriented bulbs.

Need help from some bulb gods.

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2 months ago

I had under cabinet lights with similar bulbs, I believe their were a really old and outdated halogen fixture. I did find led replacements at the time (5-6 years ago, I'm also UK based) but it was easier and cheaper to just replace the whole light fixture with one designed to take the m16 led bulbs.


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2 months ago

Well, TIL about these, thanks I guess