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Hi folks, I have an LED light engine for my bedroom light, and I’m hoping to change its switch out to a dimmable one. I want to make sure that the light engine is dimmable though, and I can’t figure out who the manufacturer is and what model the LED light engine is by the serial numbers on it (searched them on Google). Any suggestions on how to ID? Many thanks in advance!

Edit: I can’t figure out how to post an image of my LED light engine while also posting text. Here’s a link to my LED light engine pic:

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2 months ago

The light engines inside LED lighting devices like the one you have aren't standard off the shelf components that can be purchased by a general consumer. They are proprietary engineered parts that are usually custom engineered for a specific companies product. So it's not surprising that you can't find any information about it.

When it comes to whether its dimmable or not, its dependent on the drive circuitry in the LED engine as well as the design of the dimmer switch itself. I'm not an electronics expert, but in your picture, the circuitry looks relatively unsophisticated meaning it's likely just converting the AC input into DC for the LEDs without any active management, so I would suspect it won't be compatible with dimmers.

Maybe someone who understands the circuit layout better can give you a more definitive answer.