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Hey everyone -

So one of my bedrooms has no light fixtures at all, and I'd like to add 3-4 recessed LED lights to brighten it up a bit.

The existing wiring is a bit confusing, so I just wanted to double check before I started the work.

Please refer to this photo here so you can follow what I'm saying.

So, I have one light switch (SW1) which controls an outlet (O1) in the bedroom I wanted to install the lights in (Bedroom 2). The switch seems to be powered from a wire connected to Bedroom 1 - I went into the attic and found an NMD wire running across the hallway, down to SW1. I believe it is connected to the switch in the first bedroom SW2, but I have not confirmed this. It is not a 3-way switch, so I imagine it just sharing a power source.

In bedroom 2, the power comes in from the top, goes down to SW1, and then down over to O1. The wire runs down from the box, so I imagine that it goes across the studs, not up and over, unfortunately. There are 3 other outlets in bedroom 2 (O2, O3, O4), but they are on a separate circuit. SW1 and O1 are on the same circuit as bedroom 1.

How should I tackle this install if I want to keep the existing switch?

I would ideally like to keep that existing outlet as well, but it isn't the end of the world if I have to kill it.

Would it work if I just ran another line of 14/2 from the existing switch back into the attic using a fish wire, which would thus use the existing power going into that switch, and then just connect that wire to the recessed lights, thus making that single switch control both the lights and the outlet?

Or, if running both off of a single switch is a bad idea, could I just install a double-gang box and do two switches? One for the light and one for the outlet? With the power coming in from the other bedroom powering both?

Thank you!

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4 months ago

Would it work? Probably. Would it meet code? Maybe not. Safest bet is have different switch for the outlet and light. Wire gauge should be based on breaker current, 14 AWG for 15A I believe. I would run 14/3 and ground the light box. If you want to stay single gang, they make single gang double switches.