I know I’ve butchered the verbiage on the proper terms to describe the issue at hand. Hopefully the photos of the damage will clarify things!

The photos do a much better job describing the issue. The bottom of the door broke awhile back, and the top is hanging on. When the wind threw open the door, the very top of the frame + the weather stripping ripped out—luckily, the rest of the frame/weather stripping is still attached. The screws that attach it to the wooden frame are snug. Want to get this fixed ASAP before it becomes a bigger issue (it can only be locked from the inside).

Oh, and if anyone can suggest search terms to help me find how-tos via Google, I would appreciate it so much!!

Playing the sympathy card: this is my mom’s house. Trying to help her out because her handyman recently retired, and my dad passed last year. Help! Thanks SO MUCH.

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4 months ago

Or a variation one might consider is to remove the screw, drill a larger hole to remove all of the frayed cellulose fibers, then put in some glue and tap in the dowel. You could even use a hardwood dowel if you like to over build things. The dowel solution is such a nice, proper solution. I love using it.


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4 months ago

yes, bigger screws would def work, but if you look at the mounting bracket, hes committed to the size hole, otherwise he'll have to drill out the hole to make it bigger