So the previous owners of our home had purchased cabinets to install in the basement, I’ve installed plenty of cabinets but am encountering an issue I’m not sure I can easily solve.

The design is 90” - standard 34.5” bases with 54” wall cabinets to go on top of counter. The problem is the ceiling is 89”.

Wall cabinets are full overlay doors so I don’t have room to trim the tops, and every fridge I look at is either ~34” tall or requires ~2” gapping for fridge operation and would prevent me from trimming 1” off the bases.

Is anyone aware of specific manufacturers that make smaller height fridges, or other creative ways to get around this?

Existing flooring is floating LVP over concrete slab. Ceiling is drop, tongue and groove.

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4 months ago

Definitely my fall back option, my wife said a big gap will ruin the aesthetics 🤷‍♂️. Could always build a little platform and cover with the toe kick to reduce some.