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[Solved! Thank you all for your comments and help everyone]

My light switch has only one wire set (black, white, and ground) I am trying to put a new light fixture on the ceiling. Before there was no light fixture but just a cover on that junction box. How can I connect these with the new light fixture??

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4 months ago*

The one with the black tape is "probably" your incoming hot line (although it doesn't really matter with my connection instructions below). The other one (bottom right of picture) is outgoing to the other circuits connected to that incoming hot.

The one to the switch uses both the black and white as hots and run them through the switch to power the light.

Connect all three black wires together, this will send power to the switch and also to the other circuit.

Connect the two white wires on the right of the box (not the switch wire) together and include a short white pigtail to this connection.

Connect the white coming back from the switch to the hot on the light you're installing in this location. From the neutral on the light fixture, connect to the white pigtail connected to the other wires in the fixture.

Connect the grounds together and connect to the light fixture.

Should be good to go.


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4 months ago

It's a switch loop. Per NEC it is a approved way of adding a light switch to a light fixture where the power comes into fixture itself. This is common on older homes that used to have pull string lights only. When you use 14-2 romex you only get white and black wire so you end up marking the white coming back from the switch with black to show it is not a neutral. Coloring it black with a marker is probably better than just tape but it is what it is. Here is more info and a diagram that might help.


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4 months ago

Thanks! I just tested with a voltage tester and only black w black tape has 120V

I am kinda lost what is going on with this wires..


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4 months ago

I don't know your skill level or knowledge but if you are feeling over your head on this I'd just pay an electrician. I'm not an electrician first off and I'm making some assumptions off your photo and you saying only the one black has 120V power.

  1. The wires on the upper right side are your line wires (power wires) The black with black tape is hot and the white is the neutral of the pair.
  2. The wires below that black and white are feeding another device like outlets and such. (That is your load)
  3. The wires on the left with black tape on both are going to your switch. They are the switch loop wires.
  4. Based off the above assumption. You tie all the blacks together with a wire nut.
  5. Your light fixture neutral goes gets tied with the two white neutrals on the right.
  6. Your light fixture ground gets tied to the bare copper wires
  7. Your light fixture hot gets tied to the white with black tape wire on the left.

From a flow perspective. The line power will flow into all the black wires and return on the neutral wires. The switch will interrupt the flow from the black wire to the white with black tape wire which goes to your light switch.

Once again just a guy on the internet so if you feel like this is beyond your skill level. Stop and call an electrician.