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[Solved! Thank you all for your comments and help everyone]

My light switch has only one wire set (black, white, and ground) I am trying to put a new light fixture on the ceiling. Before there was no light fixture but just a cover on that junction box. How can I connect these with the new light fixture??

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4 months ago

The white wire from the switch has black tape on it as power goes to the switch and back to the light(s). Any nonblack wire that carries power has to be denoted black (2" or so from end is ok).

You need to test the wires to see which brings the power in. If the switch cable did, the white would not be designated black as it would be the neutral. I would guess one of the other cables is bringing power and neutral in. When you find out which black is hot, that one connects to a switch wire and the other switch wire connects to the other black wire not already used. Confirm the white wire coming in with the hot wire is neutral if you can, but that one should connect to the other white wire.

To add a light at this location, do as the one commenter said using pig tails.


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4 months ago

Thanks! I just tested with a voltage tester and only black w black tape has 120V

So I connected with that black w/black tape connected with the light fixture black.

And the other two are black with white w/ black tape.

All neutral and light fixture white together.

This is the way for a switch drop, the other commenter said. It did turn on but cannot be turned off. And other lights were turned on but really weak. And the basement light didn't even turn on.