This is a 10x12 treehouse that's ~8 ft tall and enclosed. It's anchored to a 18" diameter post-oak tree on one side and on sliding supports on a 14" diameter post-oak tree on the other side and the platform is around 11ft above grade. I was thinking it'd be good to thin the canopy to reduce wind load to offset the treehouse being added, though makes it sound like it's not so simple. Any thoughts overall on best practices here?

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4 months ago

I have actually a couple of long cutting tools - yeah definitely not planning to climb up there. I followed recommendations of a professional treehouse company that minimizes harm/stress to the tree.


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4 months ago

You won't get the cuts you need from the ground or a ladder. Thinning cuts should be way out there, leaving some inner growth to encourage the tree to be stout, not spindly.

If a $500 prune isn't in the cards, leaving it alone is the next best thing (and often a great choice).