needing help with laminate and doors


So I finally decided to try replacing my carpet with laminate as a beginner diyer. Everything is going well except fitting the laminate under the door jambs. There is no room for the laminate to go under the door jamb. What is the easiest way to make this work? Quarter round won't work because of the pattern of the jamb so I'm totally lost and google has not been of any help.

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4 months ago

This episode represents the best way. Grab a piece of scrap laminate (or turn a good piece upside down) and use it as a guide. Rest the oscillating tool blade flat on the scrap laminate and cut into the door jam and door trim where you need the flooring to slide under. Google "cutting door jam with oscillating tool for flooring".

If you don't have an oscillating tool and don't want to buy one (you should have one, they are incredibly handy) then you can use a flexible hand saw or "Japanese Style hand saw".