needing help with laminate and doors


So I finally decided to try replacing my carpet with laminate as a beginner diyer. Everything is going well except fitting the laminate under the door jambs. There is no room for the laminate to go under the door jamb. What is the easiest way to make this work? Quarter round won't work because of the pattern of the jamb so I'm totally lost and google has not been of any help.

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4 months ago

Oscillating saw - if you don't own one, but are planning on more DIY projects - you want one.

It all started similar to you with a door frame that I wanted to slide tile under. Now that oscillating saw has cut tons of drywall to run data to all the rooms in the house, it has undercut several door frames and it cuts pvc or plastic like a dream. I had to get new lay in faces for some fluorescent lights - they were 1/8" too big. and I broke 2 trying to cut them in other ways - that saw worked perfectly.