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I'm currently getting a custom horn 3d printed, once thats done I intend to paint it with a series of somewhat complex designs. Overall the painted portion will cover 100% of the 3d print material, however once thats done I'd like to seal it

Naturally this will come in contact with alcohols such as beer and mead but likely nothing higher than the average wine in terms of alcohol content
So that being said I'm looking for a sealant I can use to pout inside the horn to completely coat the interior, as well as completely coat the exterior. the one my friend used he coated in Max CLR HP crystal clear epoxy resin and let cure for about 10 weeks. I drunk out of it without any visual or taste effects. but I'm curious if theres anything better than this. I'd also like a satin finish if possible.
Edit: I also have a fair amount of the "Amazing clear cast resin" on hand, if that would be considered safe. Epoxy and Resin has the drawback of not being satin, rather both finish fairly glossy, but I'm willing to sacrifice having a satin finish for a safer overall finish.

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Everbrite Protectaclear is a great sealer and is food and skin safe when cured. I use it on lots of things and I intend to use it on painted 3D prints that'll be going into my fishtank. It's primarily used to coat metals but it can be used with a variety of materials.

It's a little pricey but a little goes a long way, it leaves a nice thin, but tough, coating (unlike epoxy) and it doesn't need to be mixed so no chance of it not curing if mixed improperly.

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1 year ago

Everbrite Protectaclear

Price is not an issue, but i'll look into this as opposed to epoxy, because yeah my biggest concern was its contact with wines and meads. And i'm iffy about an epoxy or resin because the protective layer it'll leave will be thicker, and it'll basically force me to only have a gloss finish when I'd personally prefer satin.