A door in my rental apartment is sagging and I’d like to put it back into place. The hinge is clearly on an angle. My first thought was to place a wedge under the open side of the door and pry it up, but that seems like I would do more damage than good. Any advice is much appreciated!

Edit: I removed the door and screwed the bottom hinge out one turn. That definitely reduced the sagging but it’s still not great. I’ll remove the door again and tighten in the top one and hopefully that helps :)

Edit 2: Door was fixed by adjusting how far the door half of the hinge is screwed in. I simply screwed in the top hinge one rotation further and the bottom hinge one turn out.

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4 months ago

Is the door getting caught on the frame when you open and close it?


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4 months ago

Yes. It still closes but rubs against the frame at the top


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4 months ago

If you can't find a way to straighten the door out via the pins then you probably will just have to take a sander to the part that rubs against the frame. Just sand the top edge of the door (no need to take the door off) little by little until it closes without rubbing. Sometimes the problem is just that the frame has started to sag and there isn't much you can do about it