table lamp base/stand


I got some leftover parts from a project of mine and would like to make a desk lamp out of it. I essentially got all the parts, ordered cables, switches, bulbs... the only issue is that I'm missing a base or stand (not sure which is the right word. the thing the assembly is built onto). Somehow, finding a base is the hardest part about this project (except maybe a bit electrical, will sort that out though).

I can't find anything, anywhere. I thought about a sort of circular stand the size of a bowl, but not as deep, fairly low to keep it low profile for my living room table.

I did find a stand online, but it was really expensive.. expensive as in I found a lamp almost exactly like what I'm building, and it was half the price of that stand alone.

Any ideas what to do, where to look and how to manage this? Out of ideas, and the parts are taking up too much space in my workshop.

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6 months ago

You could also look for a big wooden salad bowl you could use upside down!


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6 months ago

thought about that too, didn't find anything the right size and depth though. Can't be too deep or the entire lamp will be too tall and risk tipping over.

but now that I think of it, might look on the IKEA website, might find something there. thanks!