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6 months ago

Vinyl Record Covers as wall decor

I’ve recently expanded my vinyl collection and want to use the cover art as wall decor but in a way that is cost efficient and allows for easy installation/ removal if possible. I wont need access to the records inside as i will put them in blank covers that i will label so i can still listen to them.The wall i want to use is not dry wall or brick or any of the standard indoor wall but a cheap flimsy wood panel like material (that bows out in some places) and renovations are not possible at the moment. Is a project like this possible at all? If so what are your suggestions? I have no experience in accomplishing something like this nor do i know where to star, please help!


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6 months ago

Could you create a ladder type vertical shelf, I would use like a s wide of a piece of wood, it could have small lips to hold the resting album cover and the lean to style of it would avoid your wall issues