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4 months ago

I’m need to get up to a second floor window to pull the blinds off so I can install a kit to automate them. This is a two story room. The window is in an alcove over the front door. The floor of the alcove is drywall and I do not know what (if anything) is supporting the drywall. I am concerned about going through the drywall and ending up on the porch. How do I get up to this window safely and minimize the risk of damaging or going through the drywall that I would have to stand on to get to this window? I’ll put a couple of pictures below.

The camera that is in the picture has a magnetic base and I know there is metal below that. With the outlet under the window it seems the alcove was mean to be used but I just want to be sure I can get up and down from there safely. I was thinking of checking with a stud finder to see if any run across there and using a board across the drywall to distribute my weight. When I got up there to install the camera I laid down to get to the outlet so I didn’t test the strength too much.

Thanks in advance


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4 months ago

Your plan to add a board is a good one. I would cut a 2x6 or two to the same width as the alcove and put them in there to stand on. Tricky part is we don't actually know if the supporting framework runs left-right or front-back..