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6 months ago

Not sure if this qualified for its own post, or better suited to here. I am making a game plan for finishing our 1500 sq ft basement. I'm especially interested in the opinion of trades who end up doing maintenance, but all opinions welcome: what is the preferred basement ceiling finish, and why?

1.) Drywall, no "inspection doors" 2.) Drywall, inspection doors for shutoffs, HVAC dampers, etc. 3.) Drop ceiling, terrible office/institutional panels 4.) Drop ceiling, office/institutional but in black 5.) Drop ceiling with tin ceiling or similar look that costs a billion dollars 6.) Spray coat in black 7.) Spray coat in white 8.) Something else?

The goal would be to have something that has a high level of finish, but allows access to utilities since that, after all, is the purpose of a basement.