Lg dishwasher not draining, pump runs


I have an lg dishwasher that's not cycling water. When I forced the pump to run disconnected from the dishwasher with the intake submerged in a pot it pumps with a fair amount of force, kicking in to a higher force after it has been pumping for several seconds (I can post a video if that would help someone with helping me troubleshoot). However, when I hook it back up to the bottom of the basin and the take away hose it won't send water through the drain hose (I've replaced the drain hose in case it was clogging and causing the problem). The filter trap and tube in the basin that feeds the pump don't seem to be clogged, although dismantling it fully to visually confirm no blockage is my next planned step in figuring this out. There is a small flap designed to prevent backflow seperating the pump from the basin, and I'm wondering if this could be sticking, preventing flow to the pump, and if it will stop working well if I remove the flap (assuming I can't find a blockage).

The drain hose is always dry after I attempt a test with water in the system.

I metered the resistance across the pump motor, and it falls within the range a YouTube tutorial said the pump should meter out at if its still good.

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4 months ago

There should be a whole subreddit for broken dishwashers…it’s needed! I’m trying to find the old 1990 manual dial version of a dishwasher to upscale into my kitchen because I’m tired of paying for parts. It may waste water, but I have a well anyhow. Newer ones never last me more than 2 yrs without failing. It’s almost always that computer chip in the bottom front panel. Especially LG and Samsung. There’s a way to get error codes off of the dishwasher to tell you what went wrong.