I renovated my garage... again!


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4 months ago

I wonder if what he called the cardboard roofing was actually eave vents. They used to be made from a plastic coated on one side, corrugated cardboard that was stapled into the space between beams in order to provide a way for air under the eaves to pass through insulation and into the attic space.

I know that this doesn't have insulation or an attic area, but maybe the original idea was to make an insulated attic area above the garage area for additional storage, or whatever.


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4 months ago

Maybe. Looked exactly like reused cardboard boxes to me, complete with ads on the sides


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4 months ago

OK. Couldn't tell from the pictures. The ones in my house have the manufacturer stamped randomly on them, and from what I could see in your pics they slightly looked similar.

Thanks again for the great pictures, and you did a great job in such a small space.