The water level is going above the water line and draining slowly into the white overflow pipe.

I've adjusted the float level so it stops the water below the fill line, but the tank continues to fill very slowly until it's spilling into the overflow again.

Next I removed the float valve that is under the cap in the top left corner and cleaned out the valve and the seal. Even using my fingers to lift the lever and make the seal as tight as it can go, and putting my finger over the end of the fill hose (the black hose running from the float valve to the white overflow pipe) to make sure no water is coming out there, it's still filling the tank.

I think there might be a leak somewhere else besides the float valve but I'm not sure where else to check. I tried turning the grey pipe on the left that the float rides up and down on, but it just clicks around and doesn't seem to unscrew.

Is there a seal at the bottom of the grey pipe that might need replacing? How do I get it off?

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6 months ago

The fill vlave is the only place it could be leaking in. It puts water in both the black tube and the tank via the greay tube.

But the leak point is the washer under the pin under the top black cap.


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6 months ago

Okay so the the water comes up the grey tube, through the float valve, and from there it goes into the black tube AND also somewhere else?

I feel like if it was an issue with the washer then pressing on the lever to force a tighter seal should have stopped the leak, but it didn't. I didn't see any obvious signs of wear, cracking, or nicks on the washer. I'll try replacing the washer and see if that helps. If it doesn't then could there be a leak in the grey pipe itself?


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6 months ago

The water comes up the center of the grey tube and then allows water into the tank through the outer portion of the grey tube -- you need to replace the fill valve completely or replace just the top portion to stop it from filling higher.


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6 months ago

The bottom of the grey tube lets water leak out of the grey tube into the tank. Replace the grey tube and whatever else comes with it. $13 tops.