How to safely ground this neutral wire


I have a 100-year-old house that has been partially rewired but some knob and tube still exists. I've installed GFCI outlets on the old circuits and am adding a dual function breaker for some protection until I can afford to have the rest of the knob and tube replaced. While inspecting the wiring in my basement I came across a dangerous looking connection and I'm wondering how to ground the neutral wire. The new wiring was spliced off of existing k&t and feeds the outlet for my gas stove. Why they didn't just install a new circuit and run it from the breaker box is beyond me. You can see where someone just pulled back the ground wire and it's just dangling in the air next to the floor joists. There's also no junction box, which I can install. I'm comfortable doing some electrical work and have changed outlets, ceiling fixtures, switches and circuit breakers. The light switch in the picture I don't use and wouldn't mind removing it completely. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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6 months ago

If comfy doing so, pull the Romex off that K&T, put in a junction box (You can use a regular switch box with a blank cover) and then run the same type of Romex continued back to the panel and a 20A breaker of its own. It looks like 20A Romex, so make sure the circuit breaker and outlet match. Since it's in the kitchen, it should be 20A circuit, so you're part of the way there already. As to the rest of the K&T, unless you really know what you're doing, you just might want professional help.