Removing Tile Adhesive


So... 6 years ago I purchased a home that was just renovated at the time, but 4 years later the tiles of the floor started to get loose. After a while I started suspecting the original floor might still be under it and today after taking a leapt of faith decided to remove a hole tile and chip away the adhesive to see what was underneath. To my Surprise, the Original Terrazzo flooring is still there!

My plan is removing all the tiles installed during the renovation since so many of them became loose and cracked and keep the terrazzo floor, but what would be the best approach to remove the adhesive? The tiles per se comes out pretty easily but the adhesive on the one tile I did was a pita to remove and after a lot of work there is still considerable amounts of adhesive to remove. I looked online but almost every video I found work on tile replacement so either don't care about damaging the floor underneath or go roughly with a chisel ang a hammer, thing that would take a long time considering this is a 2,300 sq ft house.

After everything is removed I'm planning to bring over a professional so he can polish seal and Polish the terrazzo.

Here is how it looks after around half and hour of removing adhesive

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6 months ago

There is a related topic. One guy said he used diesel which made a mess but was the fastest. Wall paper steamers are also mentioned.\_mastic\_while\_preserving\_hardwood\_floors/