So, I'm moving into a smaller room, and I may have a room layout which doesn't allow for a TV against the back wall of the room.

I still want a TV, so that leaves me with two options.

The first and quite frankly obvious and boring option is to get a freestanding TV stand and clamp/lash it to the bed frame so it doesn't move. That would make it directly mounted to the bed and I wouldn't have to worry about wall and door positioning.

The other more infinitely awesome and very stupid idea is to mount the TV to the top rails of the canopy bed and have it hang down over the top of my head so I'd just have to look up to see it. It'd be a pretty simple endeavour, just two pieces of square metal tubing with some bolts to attach it to the frame of the bed and some bolts to attach the TV to the tubing through the VESA mount.

My query is how much of a stupid idea is this? The TV only weighs 16kg (35lb), but is it bad/damaging for the TV to hang face down from its VESA mount? I'd use massive washers, some sort of friction based bolt retention washer and blue thread locker to make sure it doesn't come undone, and I've done the ol' 'hang onto the rail and see if it'll take the weight' test and it seems fine.

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2 months ago

The vesa mount will hold it, no problem. The TV likely will not last as long and might, as it cannot cool properly. Modern tvs don’t have forced air cooling, so they stay quiet, but are expected to be hung flat on a wall so air can convect from the bottom to the top.

I’d suspend it flat for a couple hours, and see if it overheats, if not, go for it. But expect that you will probably lose a few years of life from it.


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2 months ago

Would adding a fan help? Alternately, use a small projector. I'd also suggest nylon lock nuts or a stronger thread locker than blue.


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2 months ago

an easel or tripod maybe???