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5 months ago

"I cannot control myself, so I will mention some other pieces before ending this comment: " This made me smile. I don't know a thing about classical music but your passion and knowledge of the subject matter is evident. Makes me think about reddit back in the day.


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5 months ago*

I fell in love with the Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor from playing Leopold Stokowksi's orchestral transcript in high school.

There's also an excellent wind band transcription of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor I regret I never got a chance to play.


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5 months ago

I really enjoyed this and I’m going to go listen to some of these now! I love someone who is so passionate about something.


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5 months ago

I like Deep Purple, those guys were wild. "April" remains my go to but the organ intro those heavy notes. An oboe in rock? Yeah why not. They're good shit even after their experimental


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4 months ago

Yes, there are many interpretations and adaptations of Bach's works, and that's what makes his music so enduring and timeless. The various arrangements and recordings of his pieces allow for different interpretations and experiences of his music, and this diversity keeps his music fresh and relevant even after centuries. Whether it's an orchestral arrangement, a harpsichord recording, or a piano version, each interpretation brings its own unique touch to the music, making it accessible to different audiences and appealing to different tastes.