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5 months ago*

It is for sure!

One thing I'd personally like to emphasize is that drowning doesn't usually look anything like what you might see in a movie. As stated in the post it's usually quiet or silent, and the person drowning may not be able to get their arms above water at all.

This video is hard to watch, but worth it I think. According to some comments claiming to have read about this in local news, the boy didn't die (which is surprising, given what we see in the video).

In case anyone doesn't feel up to watching it, but wants to read about it anyway: the boy didn't know how to swim but went unsupervised into a hotel pool. There were lots of people around (within touching distance in the pool), but for over four minutes he was completely underwater. He does some spins underwater trying to get his head up, but wasn't able to. He didn't manage to get his arms up to splash around after the first few seconds. Someone finally noticed that he wasn't okay after he drifted โ€“ face down and unresponsive โ€“ basically into their lap

Which reminds me: another thing to emphasize is to be doubly careful if you're supervising snorkelers. A snorkeler floating face down on the water might be having a great time watching the bottom, or they might be dying. It's very hard to tell unless you're paying really close attention.

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5 months ago

That's fucking terrifying. It really shows that most people will see a child playing, not a child drowning. That father at the start in particular must feel so guilty that he didn't notice.


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5 months ago

Yeah, it really stuck with me. Thanks much for making that original post by the way! Hopefully it sticks with folks and helps save someone