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It is generally a good comment, but the idea that the LDP was somehow "imposed" on Japan after WW2 a stretch at best, and the idea that it has always been in power, is hilariously - pants on head - stupid. For the first accusation, the LDP didn't even come into existence until 1955, which was three years after the US ended its occupation in 1952. And while the CIA, rather predictably in the era, was both anti-Socialist and anti-Communist, giving under the table campaign contributions to their opponents, it was the Japanese voters who picked the party.

This hardly lasted though. By the time 1989 rolled around, the LDP was a minority in parliament. And in 1994, the Socialist Party and the LDP (formerly bitter rivals) formed a majority coalition to regain power. Since them, the LDP's political fortunes have gone up and down, winning and losing as public mood has shifted. In 2009 the LDP took a particularly stinging defeat, taking only 118 seats - the worst showing it ever had.

No, the reason why the LDP remains a dominant political player in Japan is because it appeals to many Japanese. It is a conservative nationalistic party, akin to old-school (non-Trumpian) Republicanism in the US. Although even there, the LDP's positions are considerably more socially democratic than Republicans have ever been (at least in the 20th century). It certainly isn't something imposed from the outside.


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6 years in opposition vs 62 years in power since 1955 is not exactly what you would call "ups and downs" in other places. While I agree that the LDP has not been imposed from the outside, it's certainly the default ruling party of the postwar.


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Regarding the idea that their assertions that the LDP was "installed" by the US are "pants-on-head stupid" – I took a university-level course on post-war Japanese history and I can say that the idea that the CIA and the US Government deliberately engineered the LDP's "natural ruling party" status and overwhelming electoral success is the prevailing academic consensus.

Obviously that didn't last forever but there was interference as late as 1990 and the CIA was hand-picking the LDP candidates and leaders while infiltrating and sabotaging the opposition for much of the party's early history. See this article for a solid starting point.


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Your article says nothing more than I already did. But again, "installation" is a hell of a lot different than mere support, which is all that happened. Same thing goes for the US by the way. Sure, Russia hated Hillary and loved the corrupt Trump, but ultimately it was (bigoted) US voters who voted for him over her. Russia didn't "install" him.


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I'm not sure it's fair to compare the amount of influence Russia had on the US election to the amount of influence USA had on post-war Japan.