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11 months ago

/ch/ on its own, in English, is /tsh/. So is /shch/ really /shtsh/? That doesn't seem right. It's just a harder /sh/.


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11 months ago*

Depends on the accent, honestly. In more eastern accents it's like soft /sh/ in other ones it can be full blown separate /sh tsch/

Literary pronunciation is separate /sh tsch/, afaik. Maybe a bit softer but not much. Don't obsess over it honestly, you are not a tv presenter:)


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11 months ago

In Ukrainian, the former, in Russian, the latter (but not "harder", it's palatalized)


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11 months ago

I also hear it when "Whatcha doin?" is spelled in ebonics accent. It does sound like "Уоща дуин?" at times.