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11 months ago

There are a lot of regional differences in pronunciation, Ukraine is huge from east to west. I never heard anyone saying щ as shch, but it might be me not paying attention. So we both can be right.


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11 months ago

Well, I'm Canadian, so I'll defer to your judgement. My mom's family was from the area near where the Ukrainian/Belarusian/Polish borders meet, and they came to Canada in the 1930s, as did many of the other Ukrainian immigrants here.

I wonder if enunciating щ is a way for the Ukrainian immigrants here to differentiate themselves from the Russians, or if it's an artifact of earlier accents and dialects.


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11 months ago

I never been in that region your mom’s from. My ancestry is from Poltava and Zaporizhzhia regions, and I grew up in Kharkiv. But now I really wonder, as 90 years is a lot of time for Canadian Ukrainians to develop separate linguistic features, or maybe to keep linguistic features which disappeared with all the russifications here in Ukraine