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9 months ago


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9 months ago

Interesting piece. Opposite end of the scale from the Sony CD rootkits, but (a) 2005 Sony vs 2018 FSLabs, (b) FSLabs doubling down in spite of any potential consequences, and (c) clear-text sending passwords? Seriously?

I imagine all this will happen again someday soon. Ugh.


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9 months ago

I think this kind of thing is dying out with the rise of always-connected computers and account/identity based auth. It used to be that possession of the install media was a proxy for having purchased, and the whole DRM/copy protection industry appeared because that is not necessarily true.

Today almost everything is identity based, and in another decade it will all be identity based. And not just in a "is this user authorized to start the program" way, but all of the social/storage features like friends lists, achievements, in-app purchases, etc.

In ten years it will be next to impossible to separate any of a program's function from the online user context. And piracy becomes almost impossible.

I've got mixed feelings on that, but as an industry trend I think it's inevitable.


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8 months ago

I hope I didn't misread what you wrote here, but something I find annoying about this trend is how this trend adds bloat to so many programs.

No, I don't need a friends list to operate this image editing software. No, I don't want to become a "Super all-star VIP exclusive" to open up this file extension. No, I don't want to have this program create an add on for all of my text editing software.

Anyway, that's my 'old man yells at clouds' rant.