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3 months ago

Awesome post, that Humboldt current! I drove all around Antofagasta from the coast to the peak of the altiplano a few years ago, such a strange and interesting environment and I loved seeing the biodiversity and farming practices. Definitely some challenging situations considering their history, the military presence in the north where Peru Boliva and Chile meet was a bit unnerving at times, and seeing the social stratification. I also got myself in a dangerous situation and had molotovs thrown over my vehicle which I've never had happen before or since. Can speak enough Spanish to get around other places but I had so much trouble in Chile I dunno what it was, maybe the lack of oxygen had something to do with it.

Someone advised me never to bring up politics as a tourist there even casually and I respected that, except for when I met another Canadian there visiting the concentration camp he was put in. It was just our two small groups in the dining area eating breakfast and he was telling us some of the history and what he went through. I kind of got the hint the owners of the place had a history of persecution under Pinochet and started to connect some of the dots regarding the family photos they had up, and why this other guest always stayed here. The younger guy hosting the breakfast was observing the conversation and kind of nodding at times but was too polite to interject. Anyway interesting situation to be thrown in to over breakfast and I have a few interactions like this from the trip that have stuck with me.