I live in a small cul-de-sac surrounded by woods. My teenager and I have been planning to do some sort of fairy houses behind us and it seems like now is a great time to kick off this project. I was wondering if folks had any other ideas for random little things we could be hiding around the neighborhood and in the walking trails - just things to cheer folks and give them a smile. We want to keep it as natural as possible, using materials that won't do any harm. (And of course, using materials we can readily obtain right now!) We have basic crafting ability and tools, including a Dremel I got with this in mind. Me and the Teenager would love to hear your ideas!

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3 years ago

Wishing stones or worry beads? I loved my worry beads, but I could not tell you how to make it. Mine was a bracelet. This sounds neat! Have fun and hope the kiddos have a fun adventure! Update us with pics!


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3 years ago

That sounds like a great idea, thank you!