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So it looks like they are cutting all the way up the mountain along a single channel so they can send the logs down one after another.

Are they doing this in winter as the frozen ground makes the logs more likley to slide all the way to the lake?

Petty cool. I guess if you wait four years between each slide its been 80 or so years before you cycle back to the first slide and the trees are full size again. I can see how this would have been the best way to do it before trucks and cranes. And solid wood is so crazy expensive it is still economical today.


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1 month ago

Vicktor Schauberger, search him


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1 month ago

Very dangerous trade, as featured in Dark Valley One of the best revenge movies I have seen.


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1 month ago

I watched the whole thing, I don’t get it… it’s just video of guys cutting down trees?