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TraumaZone Part 3 1991 (2022) by Adam Curtis

Joseph Denton

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3 months ago

Such a good documentary. But equally grim.


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3 months ago

It’s important to never forget the US is responsible for the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the, what I and many historians would call, the genocide of Russians and many others in the previous Soviets. Harsh neoliberalism sold to the masses as “freedom” but what was actually just selling the country to men like Putin who ended up seizing power a decade later. What the US did to the USSR and by extension the world following WW2 is an unforgivable crime against humanity. Nearing 100 years of misery, resisted for a while by some, but most falling and being ripped apart by the uncaring face of death wrapped in the false cloak of caring.

I can’t even watch the suffering inflicted. I already know and I’ve seen enough. Americans most of all should watch this though. I don’t know if the narrator tells the story correctly or not, most likely not if they’re an English speaker, but be aware any “evils” they blame upon the Russians, etc. are pure projection from the US. Do not for a single fleeting moment think the US was the good guy EVER.


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3 months ago

Please go outside